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Where: To be determined When: School year 2019-2020 Age: CSF Students from Grade 8th to 12th Contact: [email protected]


The Conseil Jeunesse presents for the second edition the Empreintes project in BC! This project is in partnership with the Francophone School District and ENSEMBLE, for the respect of diversity, an organisation that promotes diversity and respect. This new project, which will be BY and FOR youth, aims to prevent violence and discrimination in schools and will be held in four of the province’s francophone schools.

If you have any questions, please contact the event coordinator Maureen.

British Columbia’s Conseil Jeunesse Francophone is pleased to start this new project in partnership with ENSEMBLE, for the respect of diversity, and with Francophone School District. According to executive director, Rémi Marien, “this project is made possible by strong and winning partnerships. With a vision of “by and for youth”, the 3 organisations have each put forth their expertise so that this initiative can better the lives of the students as well as help their schools.”

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