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B.C.–Quebec Exchange Program

Where: Quebec and BC When: September 2020 to June 2021 Age: Program is open to French Immersion students in grades 09 and 10 Contact: [email protected]


The Conseil jeunesse is currently working with the stakeholders involved in the program to provide a new exchange format for this year.


If you are a teacher or a principal of a school that delivers the French immersion program, please follow this link to get all the details related to the program. Please note that the exchange program is not offered to students of the Conseil scolaire francophone due to one of our partner’s criteria in Quebec requiring that the school’s schedule and living environment of the student from Quebec is 100% in English.


The B.C.-Quebec Exchange Program is open to French Immersion students in grades 10 and 11. Students must apply in Grade 9 or 10 to go on exchange in Grade 10 or 11, the following year.

  • Each participant is matched with a student from Quebec in the spring of the application year.
  • In the fall of the exchange year, B.C. students and their families welcome the Quebec students with whom who they were matched with into their homes. For three months, the B.C. and Quebec students attend school and participate in local activities together.
  • In late January, the B.C. students travel to Quebec, and spend three months there living with the Quebec students and their families, attending school, and experiencing Quebec culture.

A sponsor teacher in each school conducts in-home interviews, helps visiting students integrate into the school community, and assists departing students with academic planning for the exchange period. The Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B. supports sponsor teachers by providing them with a modest stipend based on the number of participating students at the school.

To know more about the exchange program, watch this video and read what past participants have had to say about being part of the Quebec – BC Exchange program.

Danica, 2014/2015

Erin, 2014/2015

Robyn, 2013/2014

Taylor, 2013/2014

Emerald, 2010/2011

Laura, 2003/2004


Students who participate in this program see significant improvements in their fluency in French, due to total immersion and regular interaction with native speakers. Participants enjoy many new experiences, and have the opportunity to discover another culture. Through the program, students gain self-confidence, social and communication skills, and independence.


There is no cost to participate in this program. The Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B. covers the cost of airfare to and from Quebec. Students are responsible for their own spending money during their stay in Quebec. Each family must provide accommodation and meals for the visiting student during the exchange period, just as the host family will provide accommodation and meals during the B.C. student’s stay in Quebec.


  • Commitment to the program and desire to include the partner student in school and family life
  • A strong academic record and evidence of participation in school and community activities
  • Willingness to work with teachers to ensure that academic requirements are met
  • Personal qualities such as motivation, maturity, sense of responsibility, sense of humour, openness to differences, and adaptability.


Students must apply through their schools to participate. Please contact a French teacher at your school to find out whether it currently participates in the B.C.-Quebec Exchange Program. If not, please ask the teacher to email the program coordinator at [email protected] for more information.


Student will receive all the details on how to apply via their teacher at school. If you don’t know who is the teacher responsible of the program at your school, feel free to send us an email and we will put you in contact with the right person.


For more information, contact the B.C.-Quebec Exchange Program Coordinator.

Email: [email protected]


How can I miss three months of school without affecting my academic results?

Each student who completes the exchange is entitled to 4 credits under the following external credentials course code: ULEP-11 BC-Quebec-French-English Exchange 11.

There are many options available to students to ensure that they meet their academic goals for the exchange year. Which option is most suitable for a particular student depends on factors such as whether they are in grade 10 or 11, their other commitments over the summer, and their personal strengths and goals.

The available options include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking a course the summer prior to the exchange (recommended for social studies and science courses)
  • Taking more demanding courses in the fall, so that more electives can be taken in the spring.
  • Counting work completed for a variety of courses taken in Quebec (such as geography, history, etc.) towards the social studies credit, and likewise for other courses.
  • Other plans developed with individual teachers to ensure that the student meets learning objectives for the course, without having to complete work while on exchange.
  • Completing work in advance of the exchange is preferable to completing it after returning, since knowing that they have work to complete when they get home can add to students’ stress while on exchange.

Parents and teachers are best situated to determine which of these and other available options are the best fit for a particular exchange participant.

How does the matching process between students from BC and QC works?

Once we will receive all the student application packages, we send them to our partner in Quebec to proceed with the matching. The first criteria are to match students with similar interests and personalities.

Once the matching process is done, the families will receive a proposal with the application package of the Quebec student. If the family agree to this proposal, they will have to fill out the acceptance form to be officially registered in the program. Once the family in Quebec also accept the proposal, the students will be able to communicate together and the preparation will begin.

Is it safe?

Each student who participates in the program had to comply with the security procedure. This procedure includes but is not limited to: an interview with all the family members, a visit of the house by the selection committee and a Criminal Record Check for every member of the family who is 19 years or older.

Will I have the chance to communicate with the Quebec student before his or her arrival?

Once the matching process is confirmed, around May the year preceding the exchange, the students and their families will be able to get in touch in order to get to know each other before the exchange. We strongly encourage students to make those contacts to facilitate the arrival of the students in his or new environment.

How and when can I register to the program?

Students must apply through their schools to participate before February 15th. Please contact a French teacher at your school to find out whether it currently participates in the B.C.-Quebec Exchange Program. If not, please ask the teacher to email the program coordinator at [email protected] for more information.