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Where: Vancouver When: October 31 to November 3, 2019 Age: CSF Students from Grade 8th to 12th Contact: [email protected]

Imagined by the CSF in collaboration with the CJFCB, Fusion is aiming to gather students from the 15 CSF secondary schools from across the province with a common goal : getting involved in the student community, at school and provincewide. Representants of the Youth network (the provincial student council), members of school student councils and active students within the school community are all welcome to take part in the event.

Through workshops, conferences and roundtable discussions, students will have the opportunity to talk about their reality in schools, imagine their ideal school, know more about the CSF, acquire tools related to their implication at school and generate recommendations for the upcoming year that will be discussed within the CSF board of directors and the Youth network.

Finally, Fusion is also a way to have fun in French. The social aspect is not forgotten and plenty of cool activities will be provided as well. Students will have the opportunity to get together with their friends from across the province and create new friendships in a safe francophone environment.

If you have any questions, please contact Clémentine.