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Where: To be determined When: 05 September 2019 Age: Secondary students fron the school Contact: [email protected]


The high school students (a little over 300 students) of Jules-Verne in Vancouver will participate in a series of workshops titled “Interactions,” from January to April 2018, thanks to a partnership between the school and the B.C. Francophone Youth Council (CJFCB).

Each Jules-Verne student will participate, within the school, in three two-hour themed workshop of their choice. These workshops, designed as a progressive course for the students, will be led by members of the Francophone community and coordinated by the CJFCB. Students will choose between practicing a sport, participating in an artistic activity, developing new skills in various fields and even preparing for life after high school. In addition to all of these opportunities, they will discover the richness of the Francophone community!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Sophie, the project manager!