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Linguistic Security Committee of BC

Where: When: 28 July 2021 Age: Contact:

Linguistic Security: The Conseil Jeunesse youth are in action!


It’s a fact that many francophone people feel a certain uneasiness to the notion of expressing themselves in French. What are the causes of this discomfort and how can they be addressed?

Following these questions, the Linguistic Security Committee was created to alleviate the problem that presents itself in the everyday like of youth but especially to allow them to express themselves and further discuss the topic.


This committee consists of 5 ambassadors:

Ashton Ramsay, board member of the Conseil jeunesse
Cloé Robert, an 11th grade student at Penticton Secondary
Geneviève Poitras, a 10th grade student at André-Piolat School
Emily Deering, an 11th grade student at Carihi Secondary School
William Robertson, a 12th grade student at école Virtuelle and Victoria High School

The committee is supported and led by Suzanne Robillard – a doctoral student at the sociolinguistic laboratory at the University of Ottawa and an honourable life member of the Conseil jeunesse.


This committee has a mission to create interactive workshops in order to build awareness to teaching staff, parents and the entire francophone community towards challenges linked to linguistic (in)security faced by youth.

Throughout these workshops, that will take place next fall across the whole province, the committee will work towards the creation and establishment of concrete plans of action to overcome this phenomenon.

With their participation at the National Symposium on Linguistic Security in Ottawa last May and the expertise which Suzanne shares with the ambassadors, our committee will be perfectly primed to interact and discuss the topic in total independence.

While the creation of workshops for September is still underway, our committee is preparing itself for its first pilot workshop as a part of the next SAGA!

For more information, please contact Clémentine!