Where : Online

When : May to June

Age : 8th grade students of the CSF

Contact : [email protected]



Déclic is the alternative that the British Columbia’s Francophone Youth Council is offering to replace the traditional Leadership Camps. This year, it is through technology that we will meet! In-class workshops and extracurricular activities are on the agenda.


In 8th grade, students are not always aware of the opportunities available to them in French. It is at the beginning of their high school years that they need to become aware of how the French community can enrich their experience. In order to trigger this awareness, the Francophone Youth Council comes to meet them virtually!


Phase 1: The workshops [ May ]

This series of 3 workshops, will inform students of the opportunities available to them, survey them on what interests them in high school and allow them to meet youth from all over BC for the first time. These workshops will take place in class, in a virtual format and according to the availability of teachers.

May 03 – 07 – Workshop 1: Explore

May 10-14 -Workshop 2: Sharing

May 25 or 26 -Workshop 3: Meeting


Phase 2 : Social Activities [ June ]

On a voluntary basis, students will be able to sign up for one or more social activities that will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays after school. This is a great opportunity to have fun and to virtually meet other young individuals from all over the province !

June 02-09-16: Manual Wednesdays

June 03-10-17: Thursday games


Next year, if the situation allows it, every grade 8 student in the Francophone School District (CSF) will get the chance to live an incredible experience at leadership camps, organized in partnership with British Columbia’s Francophone Youth Council.

These camps take place in an extracurricular framework and aim to create positive and enriching experiences in French for the students, while also teaching them about the qualities of a good leader and of teamwork.

Many activities focused on leadership such as group challenges followed by more convivial and informal moments, such as an evening around the campfire. This three day camp in the great outdoors is truly an unforgettable experience !

Check out the project’s website to learn more details about the camps.


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