The British Columbia’s Francophone Games (BCFG)

Where: Virtual

When: From may 27 to 31, 2021

Age : 14 – 25 

Number of participant : 70

Contact : [email protected]




Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique has decided to hold the JFCB online. 

This edition will be centred on the theme of nature and will be composed of 7 workshops ranging from artistic and manual achievement to the accomplishment of sports challenges. 

Registration will be open until April 29, 2021.

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The British Columbia’s Francophone Games (BCFG) is one of the biggest events of the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B. The next edition of the JFCB will take place from May 27th to 31st.

In addition to discovering three enriching components (Arts, Culture and Sports), the JFCB will allow participants to take part in activities that promote cultural pride and self-confidence in a context of healthy competition.

All participants, coming from the four corners of our beautiful British Columbia, will be able to reveal their artistic and athletic talents through artistic and cultural workshops as well as sports competitions, during two days.




Introduction to cinema with Lydie 

Come aboard with this young self-director, she will share her own cinematographic experience and give you all the keys to make your own short film!

This workshop will be composed of a script writing part, a mood board in group and then the realization of your own film.

Visual art with Emilie from “So Where Project

This workshop will be an opportunity to free your creative imagination. This class will give you a first introduction to dry clay to create artistic pieces that look like you: wall piece, incense holder or decorative object, the choice is vast. Emilie will teach you several construction techniques using hand and everyday tools.

Photography with Gaetan 

What if we rediscovered nature with a new eye? Our relationship with nature begins with observation, with our eyes. And, whatever our relationship to it, we desperately try to capture it. But then, how do we capture the elusive? This weekend, discover the work of Gaëtan who will give you the keys to apprehend photography in another way.

Knowing your environment in nature with Marie-Gabrielle and Isabelle

In the form of discussions and solutions, Marie-Gabrielle will guide you towards the current issues related to ecological problems.

Do you dream of being able to recognize your environment and understand the plants that surround you? Then this workshop is for you! Led by Isabelle, this introduction will allow you to rediscover the wild treasures that nature has to offer.

Tired of using products that do not respect the planet or your health?

Marie-Gabrielle will guide you in the making of cosmetics guaranteed to be ZERO waste and 100% natural.

Make your own vegetable garden and learn seasonal cooking with Adil and Clementine 

By dint of seeing strawberries all year long in our supermarkets, we forget the seasonality of our fruits and vegetables! However, whether it is for us or for the planet, eating in season is only good for us! Come and discover all the benefits of seasonality and make your own vegetable garden with aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables in season. Clementine will take you into her kitchen to teach you about seasonal cooking.

Sport and Nutrition workshop with Pascale followed by an intervention of Geneviève Lalonge, Olympic athlete. 

Pascale will help you discover the benefits of sport, good nutrition and the atmosphere of a team training. During the sessions, Pascale will be by your side to make you live an unforgettable sport experience! They will motivate you to surpass yourself but above all to have fun! 

You will also have the opportunity to meet Geneviève, Canadian athlete, who will tell you about her Olympic journey. 

Running/walking/cycling/swimming for the fight against climate change. 

Emblematic part of the JFCB, this edition is reinvented to offer a more humanistic content. Indeed, this event will be charged with values and commitment since for each kilometer run during the event, $1 will be donated to the fight against climate change.

Choose your own association!  You will have the choice between 4 associations that fight for the preservation of our biodiversity.

Improvisation workshop with Claudya

Claudya will come to your living room to perform a comedy show with you on the theme of ecology and humanism. She will help you create a content filled with irony, joy and derision.

THURSDAY 27, FRIDAY 28 AND MONDAY 31 MAY (late afternoon)


In addition to these times, you will have the opportunity to meet other JFCB participants on Thursday, Friday and Monday evenings. These evenings will include icebreaker activities, a cookout, an awards ceremony, and colorful social events, hint hint, wear your brightest sweater.

Beyond the shutters, the JFCB emphasizes team cohesion and sharing. Throughout these 4 days, you will have the opportunity to answer riddles or to complete sports challenges as a team.


We warmly thank our partners of  the British Columbia’s Francophone Games (BCFG) for their contributions and support.