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The Conseil jeunesse is currently working with the stakeholders involved in the program to organize a virtual exchange for school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. More information will be available on this page soon.



Here are the 5 big steps you will need to do so that your school and your students are ready for this memorable year!

Step 1 – School Participation Request Form (Before Dec 15th 2019)

If you would like students from your school to participate, you must complete the School Participation Request Form and return it to [email protected] by December 15th. The form can be completed and signed electronically, or completed in hard copy and scanned. There is no need to identify interested students before submitting the form.

As soon as your school will be registered, we will send you promotional resources to help you promote the exchange program in your school.

Step 2 – Promotion 

Once your school is registered in the program, you can share these documents below with your students and their family:

. Poster
. Flyer French version
. Flyer English version

If you would like to receive hard copies of these documents, please send an email to [email protected].

Step 3 – Students application (Before Feb 28th 2020)

Once the school is registered, the sponsor teacher will receive the Application Form and the Interview Questionnaire to begin the student application process.

Application forms can be completed by all interested students, and used by schools to select the candidates who will be nominated, or schools can use another pre-selection method such as asking students to write a letter of interest, and require only successful students to complete the application form.

Only students whose applications will be forwarded to the Conseil jeunesse need to be interviewed at home. In-home interviews with the candidates and their parent(s) must be conducted by the sponsor teacher and one other school or school board staff member. The interview questionnaire should be completed during or immediately following the interview.

We ask that schools only submit completed applications and interview questionnaires for the students who they would like to have participate in the exchange.

Up to 5 students can participate per sponsor teacher. If your school would like to nominate more than 5 students, there must be more than one teacher sponsoring the program at the school.

If your school is already registered in the program, you can use these three documents for your student’s application:

BC-Quebec exchange application form

Interview questionnaire

Photo submission template

We have created a secure platform so that you can send us your documents in the safest way possible. You have until February 28th 2020 to do it.

Please download these documents on your desktop before filling the fields. This way, you will be able to open the file in the Adobe Acrobat program to fill out the fields instead of your browser window. If you don’t do that, the fields that you will fill out could not save when you want to save your file. 



Step 4 – Student matching (Spring 2020)

Once we will receive all the documents, we will do everything we can to match all students who are nominated by their schools with exchange partners in Quebec. If our partner in Quebec selected your students, you will receive a matching proposal to share with your students and their families and they will have to decide if they accept the proposal. A document of confirmation will be mandatory to fill. If both sides accept the proposal, then we will continue to Step 5.

Step 5 – Student preparation

Once the students confirmed their participation in the Exchange program (step 4), the school will need to register the Quebec student in their system and proceed to the course selection for this new student.

Regarding the BC students and their families, the Conseil jeunesse will be in touch with them via the sponsor teacher of their schools to be sure they are ready for the coming year (academic planning, insurance coverage, contacts with the QC student, etc.) For now, the students and their families can read our Ask and answers section on our web page here.



When a school join the program, what do they commit to do?

A school that chooses to participate in this program agrees to:
• appoint a member of the teaching staff who is fluent in French to be the sponsor teacher;
• accept Quebec exchange students within the school for the three-month exchange period and waive any fees and other school costs for these students;
• collect personal information by means of the application process prescribed by the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B. ;
• form a committee responsible for evaluating the applications, selecting candidates and forwarding the ranked recommendations to the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B.;
• destroy the personal information concerning the applicants and the members of their family at the end of the school year;
• provide counselling or assistance should the Quebec student require help adjusting to the new school.

Do I need to be sure that students will apply in the program to register my school?

No. Enrolling your school simply allows you to receive all the communications that will allow you to promote the program to students later on. If, subsequently, students apply, the school must subscribe to their commitments, as explained in the previous question.

What is the role of the teacher in this program?

A teacher appointed as a sponsor teacher agrees to:
• promote the program at the school, and advise students about the program;
• accept completed application forms from students;
• conduct in-home interviews with student applicants and their parents;
• rank the students’ applications and send them to the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B. by Feb. 28 2020;
• assist Quebec students with course selection;
• ensure the assessment report is completed by the BC teachers and that these are sent to the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B. by December 7th, 2019.
• assist the BC students and their families with academic planning for the exchange year;
• conduct an evaluation (by phone) when the BC student is in Québec;
• contribute to the successful administration of the program, as needed.

What is the role of the school principal in this program?

The biggest role in the program is for the sponsor teacher as mentioned above. However, the school principal will need to :

• Fill out the School Participation Request Form
• Sign each student’s Application form and Interview questionnaire before they are sent to the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B.

Does the sponsor teacher receive a compensation for his or her commitment?

Yes. Each sponsor teacher will receive 200$ per student as a recognition for their support of the Exchange program.