25 years already!

Logo-25-ans_725 years! Still in the prime of its life, the Conseil Jeunesse has established itself as an essential organisation. The planning of events, projects and workshops for the young French-speakers of British Colombia… is something to stop and celebrate with all of our members and volunteers because nothing would be possible without them!

Let us celebrate this incredible anniversary together with images and colours!





We would like to celebrate our 25 years with you. And do so, nothing could be simpler! Participate in our “25 years in pictures” contest to enter a draw to win one of our three amazing prizes. The winners will be drawn on Saturday, January 17th 2015!

Who can participate?
You have been a participant or been involved as a volunteer during one of the Conseil Jeunesse’s activities or events since its creation in 1989?
Then don’t hesitate to participate in our 25 years in pictures contest!

What do you need?
A picture accompanied by a description or an anecdote containing not more than 2 or 3 lines of text.

What is the theme?
Your picture must depict a moment that you lived during one of the Conseil Jeunesse’s event or activities. For example, you and your friends, a funny or significant moment, something that moved you, etc. In one word: a picture that demonstrates your implication and enthusiasm in being a part of the francophone family of British Colombia #CBenfamille.

How and when?
Send us your coordinates (First name, Last name, Address), your photograph (that you must name FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME) and your description by email to the following address [email protected] between the December 1st 2014 and January 5th 2015!
You will receive a confirmation via email and your picture will be published on our Facebook page within the 25 years in pictures contest album.

Draw and prizes
The draw will take place on Saturday January 17th 2015 during the #PJFCB2015!
1st prize: a tablet computer
2nd prize: headphones
3rd prize: a Best Buy gift card

Winner of the 25 years in pictures contest
1st prize: Frédérique Bouchard

2nd prize: Matthew McMahon

3rd prize: Mathilde Claude


In 1945, the French-Canadian Federation of British Colombia was born. It has since been renamed the Francophone Federation of British Colombia. Even in those early years, the force of youth was recognized as a strength in the community.
The reinforcement of French in the 1960s and 1970s went hand in hand with the development of the youth movement in British Colombia. A youth representative post was created and soon became the voice of the young for the Federation, allowing their needs and interests to be heard.

In 1989, the youth movement, pushed by a desire for autonomy, decides to spread its wings. A proposition was made to the Federation that the organisation would henceforth be directed by and for young francophones. It is incorporated under the title of non-profit organisation.
Originally, British Colombia’s francophone Youth Council (CJFCB), composed of individuals and smalls groups of members, was developed thanks to the association of schools and francophone groups. In 1992, with their help, the Council organises their first big province-wide activity: the francophone games.
After this first incredible success, the activity became an important yearly event. It still is today, along with the Youth Parliament. It assembles and unites the young.

In 1996, the members of the CJFCB leave the Francophone Federation of British Colombia but are reintegrated again in 2003.
In the mid-2000s, the organisation faces financial difficulties. The community acts in order to save the CJFCB. In 2007, a tutorship agreement is signed between the Youth Council, the Canadian Heritage and the Francophone Federation of British Colombia.
Thanks to exemplary governance, management and programming, the tutorship is lifted on September 30th 2012. The Youth Council regains its full autonomy and is once again “by and for youth”!
Today, the CJFCB is an essential organisation in the planning of events, projects and workshops for the French-speaking youths of British Colombia.