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From January 18 to 21, the 82 participants met at the Victoria legislature to debate 4 bills and meet other young people their age from across B.C. Return to the highlights of this parliamentary simulation !

The PJFCB, what do we do there?

The Francophone Youth Parliament of BC returned to Victoria this year for its 26th edition! Divided into different sections, the young people were able to play the game of being deputies, journalists or activists during this weekend. The first part aimed to debate, propose amendments then vote on the four bills written by the ministers. Participants in the media section followed and covered the debates. Equipped with phones and microphones, they took over social networks, notably Tik Tok, and broke out the scandals of the event (find their account here!). Finally, the participants in the citizen action component made their voice heard by organizing a demonstration in front of Parliament and creating music about the subjects debated in the chamber.

Proposed laws

This year, the 4 bills debated were presented with passion by the team of Ministers. Danaé Beauregard presented a law concerning the establishment of veganism, Brianna Dyck a law concerning interpersonal relations, Sofia Lemay a law concerning regulations on clothing and textiles and finally, Thomas Challis a law concerning the uniformity of the population.

Social activities and a new office

Beyond the parliamentary sessions, young people were treated to several social activities to explore the city of Victoria, a gala evening and a pajama party-themed dance evening!

Finally, the weekend concluded with the election of a new cabinet. He will be responsible for organizing the next PJFCB which young people are already impatiently waiting for! Congratulations to the new cabinet: Amélie Préville (President), Geneviève Poitras (Prime Minister), Chloé Lukac (Vice-President), Nicolas Hondier (Vice-Prime Minister), Gabrielle Delorme (Leader of the chamber), Emma Parisé (Media Representative) , Camille Baretta (Citizen Action Representative).

Click here to discover the return in pictures of the PJFCB 2024!

The CJFCB thanks all the participants but also its partners for their trust and incredible support: Canadian Heritage, the Francophone Affairs Program of British Columbia, the Francophone School Board of British Columbia, BC Gaming, the Office of francophone and francophile affairs from Simon Fraser University, Juristes Power, Radio-Victoria, as well as the Association des juristes d'expression française de la B.C. A very big thank you also to the volunteers, the trainers and the Firm. Special mention also to the members of the CJFCB board, all present for this weekend!