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December 2014 : Youth network 2014-2015

December 2014 : Youth network 2014-2015

On November 29th and 30th we had the youth network’s first annual meeting! With the theme of teamwork in mind, the young leaders met and, within the first few minutes, began creating ties with their provincial partners. As usual, the weekend was filled with passionate discussions concerning the importance of francophone culture in their schools, with activities aimed at student leadership, and with the implementation of working methods for the rest of the year. The CSF-wide yearbook project was also renewed. So what is the youth network?

Nothing less than the provincial student council for the francophone school board (CSF). This project is coordinated by the Conseil Jeunesse and works by having four annual meetings in Vancouver, as well as many online meetings throughout the year. This group is in charge of:

  • representing the voices of students from their schools in CSF work groups as well as in other events;
  • putting initiatives/provincial projects into place in order to unite francophone students and strengthen their sense of belonging;
  • disseminating information to their fellow students about the opportunities offered to them as young francophones (activities, contests, bursaries, etc.).

Who is the youth network? It is made up of 14 seats, one for each CSF secondary school. The schools which have a student council have elected a representative within the last few weeks. Those without a student council have chosen an ambassador based on recommendations from their school’s administration. There are currently still two vacant seats for students from Nanaimo and North Vancouver. May the adventure begin!