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February 2015 : Local involvement prior to a global departure!

February 2015 : Local involvement prior to a global departure!

For the second time this year, the Conseil Jeunesse is involved in the Francophone School Council’s (CSF) international travel project. Our involvement was born from a shared vision between the CSF and our organisation, which is that experiential learning is necessary for the development and growth of youth, but also that financial barriers should never stop students from having access to these types of opportunities.

To participate in one of the two trips that are offered, either France of Guatemala, each student must complete a number of volunteer hours within their school in exchange for the bursary offered by the CSF. These hours can be completed in various ways, which is where the Conseil Jeunesse steps in. Our role consists of meeting these young travellers in order to help them put in a place a plan for their implication within their school. Imagine the beauty and the challenge of this project: to attempt to motivate each student with a little leadership, initiative and organisation to increase the enthusiasm in their schools and implement dozens of small projects that are “by and for youth”!

A variety of projects Each school has its own characteristics, programs and activities, which is why different projects emerge in each! In Surrey, some students decided to organize recycling in their school, while others created a mentoring program against intimidation with their primary students. In Victoria, students offered daycare services on professional development days, whereas in Penticton, students help with reading in French and tutoring for homework. All of these small actions, taken by these 73 travellers, have a real impact on their schools, but also prepare them for their bigger trip in which the team will replace the individual and in which the idea of leadership will be understood.

March 8th is the day of departure, and in the name of the Conseil Jeunesse, I wish each of you a beautiful trip that will allow you to return to Canada with a new perspective, new friendships and a bigger francophone family! Sophie Audet

You can contact Sophie for more information!