For those who wish to discover our history, here are a few key dates that outline the start of the Conseil jeunesse and its evolution over the years


Due to the need for unity, the francophone community founded a provincial organization named the French-Canadian Federation of British Columbia (Fédération canadienne-français of British Columbia), today known as the Francophone Federation of British Columbia (Fédération des francophones de la Colombie-Britannique).


The scouting movement is founded in Maillardville.


The adoption of the Official Languages Act.


The adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


The creation of the Conseil jeunesse franco-colombien which will become, a few years later, the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique.


The organization of the first of British Columbia’s Francophone Games.


The Conseil jeunesse withdraws its status as a member of the Francophone Federation of British Columbia.


The Supreme Court of British Columbia orders all provincial legislators to amend the School Act to acknowledge the particular rights provided for in Act 23. The Conseil scolaire francophone now has jurisdiction over the entirety of the British-Columbian territory.


The Conseil jeunesse becomes again a member of the Francophone Federation of British Columbia.


A guardianship agreement is signed between the Conseil jeunesse, the Canadian Heritage and the Francophone Federation of British Columbia to reform the financial structure of the Conseil jeunesse.


The guardianship agreement is removed and the Conseil jeunesse regains their full status of “By and for youth”.


The creation of the SAGA, a youth community event of the CJFCB, to create closer ties between youth and their community and to reinforce the community implication in British Columbia.


The Conseil jeunesse celebrates its 30 years of existence surrounded by its board members, employees, partners, volunteers, former members and various stakeholders of the community.